Florence Price Finally Takes Her Place On The List Of Great Composers (Cool Weird Awesome 1217)

Today in 1887 (or, by some accounts, 1888), the birthday of a composer who’s really only now getting the acclaim she deserves: Florence Price.

Wilson Pickett’s “Mustang Sally” Became A Hit, After A Tape Machine Cut It To Pieces (Cool Weird Awesome 1205)

Today in 1941, the birthday of Wilson Pickett, a legend of soul and R&B music, and one who had an engineer save one of his future hit songs from a very hungry tape machine. 

When Indiana Tried To Get “Louie, Louie” Off The Radio (Cool Weird Awesome 1178)

Today in 1964, Billboard Magazine reported that the governor of Indiana had called on the state’s broadcasters to stop playing the song “Louie, Louie” by the Kingsmen because of its allegedly dirty lyrics.

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An Excited James Brown Fan Almost Swore Through The Recording Of “Live At The Apollo” (Cool Weird Awesome 1115)

Today in 1962, the recording of the landmark James Brown album “Live at the Apollo,” one that came together after the recording team dealt with one pretty big obstacle.  

Neil Diamond And Barbra Streisand Had A Hit Duet Almost By Accident (Cool Weird Awesome 1110)

Today in 1978, Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand released their enormous hit duet "You Don't Bring Me Flowers." a duet that pretty much happened by accident. 

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Antonín Dvořák’s First Symphony Went Missing For Six Decades (Cool Weird Awesome 1101)

Today in 1936, the premiere of Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony No. 1. That was 71 years after the symphony was written, which is what happens when a symphony is thought to be lost.

To Get Out Of A Record Contract, Van Morrison Made A Malicious Compliance Album (Cool Weird Awesome 1077)

Today in 1945, the birthday of singer/songwriter Van Morrison. His biggest fans and his loudest critics can agree that the guy does not like being told what to do, and he proved it by recording one of the strangest albums in the history of music. 

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Leon Theremin’s Musical Instrument Can Be Played Without Being Touched (Cool Weird Awesome 1074)

Today is, thanks to a long-ago calendar change, one of two birthdays in 1896 of Leon Theremin. He invented a very unusual musical instrument that you play without touching it. 

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Among Other “Pranks,” Black Sabbath Once Set Their Drummer On Fire (Cruel Weird Awful 8)

Rock bands are known for excess. Just ask Bill Ward, who, while drumming for Black Sabbath, got set on fire, poisoned (repeatedly) and knocked off the side of a hill. Because pranks.

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Dick Roth Won Olympic Gold While He Had Appendicitis (Cool Weird Awesome 1045)

It's National Swimming Pool Day, so here’s a story of a guy who had to get into the pool: Dick Roth, who won an Olympic gold medal while trying to fend off appendicitis.

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