Florence Foster Jenkins Stunned Carnegie Hall With Her Singing (Cool Weird Awesome 873)

Today in 1944, the greatest concert in Carnegie Hall history, featuring a truly incomparable singer: the one and only Florence Foster Jenkins. Here's how the woman sometimes called the worst opera singer of all time ended up on one of the most famous stages of all time.

Portugal Once Moved Its Capital City To South America (Cool Weird Awesome 791)

It’s Portugal Day, and no doubt there will be celebrations across the country, including the capital city, Lisbon. Though there was a time in the 19th century when the capital of Portugal was not only outside Lisbon, it was outside Portugal.

James Harrison May Have Been The Best Blood Donor Of All Time (Cool Weird Awesome 769)

Today in 2018, Australian James Harrison gave blood for the last time. He had donated about once a week for some 60 years, and because his blood included a rare antibody, his donations helped save millions of lives.

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Rock Fans In The Soviet Union Turned Old X-Ray Plates Into Bootleg LPs (Cool Weird Awesome 756)

In the 1940s and 50s, some people in the Soviet Union broke the law and produced makeshift records on old X-ray plates just to hear Western music that the government censored.

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In Sweden In 1712, February Had 30 Days (Cool Weird Awesome 721)

Most years February is 28 days long. Every fourth year it has 29. But one time, in one country, for one year, there was a February 30th.

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Keith Jarrett Improvised A Classic Live Jazz Album On A Not-Quite-Right Piano (Cool Weird Awesome 701)

Today in 1975, one of the best selling jazz albums of all time was recorded - a live concert in Cologne, Germany by pianist Keith Jarrett. And it almost didn't happen at all.

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When Johnny Cash Came To Folsom Prison (Cool Weird Awesome 694)

Today in 1968 Johnny Cash recorded “At Folsom Prison." Today it's arguably his most acclaimed album ever, but it only came about as a last resort.

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Washington Phillips, A Legendary Gospel Musician Surrounded By Musical Mysteries (Cool Weird Awesome 692)

Today in 1880 was the birthday of Washington Phillips, a musician who made some astonishing music in the 1920s, but we know very little about his life and his music - we aren't even completely sure what instrument he played.

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The Glass Armonica, A Musical Instrument Invented By Benjamin Franklin (Cool Weird Awesome 689)

Today in 1706 was, at least by the old calendar, Benjamin Franklin's birthday. Here's the story of how he once invented his own musical instrument, one for which great composers wrote music.

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How The Beatles Stitched Two Takes Of “Strawberry Fields Forever” Into A Rock Classic (Cool Weird Awesome 677)

Today in 1966, the Beatles were trying to make one great take of their new song “Strawberry Fields Forever,” and with help from producer George Martin and engineer Geoff Emerick, they ended up making that one great take out of two half takes.

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