Glowing Orbs In The Netherlands Could Light The Way Toward Clean Water (Cool Weird Awesome 1219)

There’s a new way to find out whether fresh water is actually fresh and clean: a set of glowing orbs in the Netherlands called POND.

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Every Year The Netherlands Sends Thousands Of Tulips To Canada (Cool Weird Awesome 771)

The Canadian Tulip Festival is getting underway in Ottawa. Here's the history of the annual event, which (pun intended) has its roots in the history of World War II.

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The “Chat Checkout” In The Netherlands Makes Sure Everyone Has Someone To Talk To (Cool Weird Awesome 628)

One of the many things we’ve learned over the last 19 months or so is that a lot of people around us can get lonely and isolated, even if they want social contact. In the Netherlands, a grocery store chain is trying to help by offering Kletskassa, or "chat checkout," where customers and clerks can strike up conversations if they need them. Plus: October is National Roller Skating Month, and whenever you’re next in Lincoln, Nebraska, you can check out the National Museum of Roller Skating.

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The Netherlands Turned Pole-Sitting Into A Competitive Sport (Cool Weird Awesome 452)

The U.S. had flagpole sitting a century ago, but the Netherlands has Paalzitten, a sport in which people try to outlast each other sitting on poles. It can get competitive, though finding a crowd to watch people sitting on poles can be tricky. Plus: on National Bird Day, we pay tribute to the shoebill, a large bird that looks a bit like a pelican crossed with a dragon.

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