The Egg Cream Is A Refreshing New York City Classic (Cool Weird Awesome 1083)

Today in 1664, the city previously known as New Amsterdam came under English control and was promptly renamed New York. So we're celebrating an NYC classic, the egg cream.

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The World Has Ankle Monitors Partly Because Of Spider-Man Comics (Cool Weird Awesome 1019)

Today in 1962, Spider-Man first appeared in comic books. He's had a huge influence on comics, movies, cartoons and really entertainment as a whole, but did you also know a Spider-Man comic helped lead to the creation of the first ankle monitor?

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The First Time Astronauts Walked In Space Without A Tether (Cool Weird Awesome 944)

Today in 1984, two US astronauts walked in space. And, for the first time, they weren’t connected to anything.

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The New York Mets Once Made A Mule Their Mascot (Cool Weird Awesome 874)

It's National Mule Day, so it's a great day to celebrate a mule who singlehandedly… showed up at some Major League Baseball games. Here's the story of the official mule mascot of the New York Mets.

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The United Nations Is Home To The World’s Countries, And Bees (Cool Weird Awesome 872)

It's United Nations Day, and UN headquarters in New York City is a pretty interesting place if you like geopolitics, world history or beekeeping. Here's a closer look at the UN's own beehives.

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The “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper” Photo Was Originally A Publicity Stunt (Cool Weird Awesome 848)

Today in 1932, an unknown photographer took one of the most famous, most astonishing photographs of all time, the one known as “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper.” Here's more about how it happened.

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New York City Used To Deliver Mail Through Pneumatic Tubes (Cool Weird Awesome 798)

Today in 2006, Alaska Senator Ted Stevens famously told his colleagues that the Internet was not a dumptruck, it was a series of tubes, figuratively speaking. But here’s a story about some literal tubes that New York City once used to deliver mail.

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Molly Williams Was A New York Firefighter Before There Was a New York Fire Department (Cool Weird Awesome 764)

For International Firefighters Day, it's the story of Molly Williams, an enslaved Black woman who became the first known woman firefighter, and the first Black firefighter, in the United States. Plus: on the anniversary of Rhode Island declaring independence, a visit to one of the state's most unusual attractions. 

Wanda And Jamal, The Best Accidental Thanksgiving Friends Ever (Cool Weird Awesome 664)

For some people it can be hard to think of anything to be thankful for in this screwy year. But maybe this can help: the story of Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton, who accidentally ended up together on Thanksgiving and became good friends. Plus: a rainy Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade leads to a very weird situation for one of the iconic giant balloons. 

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