The Cherry Sisters Baffled Vaudeville But Guaranteed Newspapers The Right To Criticize Bad Shows (Cool Weird Awesome 1246)

Today in 1901, a court decision protected the right to say pretty much whatever we like while reviewing a podcast, or a song, or a performance. And it all started with some of the strangest performances of all time.

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When News Companies Tried To Deliver Newspapers Through Radio Transmissions (Cool Weird Awesome 1232)

Today in 1939, the opening of the World's Fair in New York. One of the inventions featured there was a way that newspapers could broadcast newspapers over the radio and have special receivers print out a copy of the paper for customers.

La Bougie du sapeur, The Newspaper That Only Comes Out On February 29 (Cool Weird Awesome 1193)

There's a newspaper in France that’s only published every four years: the leap day paper known as La Bougie du sapeur.

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Newspaper Reporters Once Bought A Chicago Dive Bar To Catch Corrupt Officials (Cool Weird Awesome 1165)

Today in 1978 the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper started publishing a series of stories that reporters still talk about today: reporters bought a dive bar in Chicago, named it the Mirage Tavern, and worked undercover as bartenders to catch corrupt city inspectors. 

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A Baboon Named Jack Once Worked For A Railroad, And He Was Good At His Job (Cool Weird Awesome 1147)

For National Monkey Day, the story of Jack, a baboon in South Africa who was so smart he worked for a railroad for nine years without a single mistake.

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A Newspaper Called The Recycler Helped Bring Together Some Of The Biggest Rock Bands Of All Time (Cool Weird Awesome 1039)

This month in 1973, a newspaper in California known as The Recycler started publishing. It was mostly a list of classified ads, but those ads have had a pretty big impact on music. 

A Guy In Massachusetts Made Pretty Much His Whole House Out Of Old Newspapers (Cool Weird Awesome 785)

The Paper House of Rockport, Massachusetts has a wood frame, but otherwise owner Elis Stenman made the place almost entirely out of old newspapers. And you can still read the stories in the walls today.

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Why Did The Moon Disappear 900 Years Ago? (Cool Weird Awesome 296)

The moon waxes and wanes in its phases month after month, and it always comes back. Except for that time in 1110, when records indicate that the moon vanished for months, or maybe even a year or longer. Scientists finally think they know what happened.

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