13 02, 2023

The Time Millions Of Legos Fell Into The Ocean And Washed Up On Beaches (Cool Weird Awesome 948)

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Today in 1997, a container ship ran into a massive wave off the coast of Cornwall, in southwest England. Close to 4.8 million Legos went overboard, and ever since that day, they've been washing up on beaches all over.

29 12, 2022

Egg Whites Are Helping Get Microplastics Out Of The Ocean (Cool Weird Awesome 915)

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Taking plastic out of the ocean is hard, especially when it comes to microplastics. Now there’s a study out of Princeton that says we can get some help in that effort from egg whites.

23 03, 2022

The HMS Challenger Expedition Showed The World What Ocean Life Was Really Like (Cool Weird Awesome 739)

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The HMS Challenger spent years studying the world's oceans and the creatures that call them home. Today in 1875, the mission made one of its most astonishing discoveries.

18 11, 2021

A Robot Seacraft Is Exploring The Ocean For A Few Years (Cool Weird Awesome 659)

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It's called the Intrepid Benthic Rover II, and its five year (or more) mission is to explore the deep ocean, most of the time by itself. Plus: in a new book artist Marina Luz paints the covers of books where people are trying to describe a book when they can’t remember the title.

10 06, 2021

Earth Has Five Oceans Now, But Also Just One Ocean, It’s Complicated (Cool Weird Awesome 554)

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The National Geographic Society has recognized a fifth ocean, the Southern Ocean, on earth. How the oceans got their names - and why we don't think of them as one big ocean, which is what it is - is a long and fascinating story. Plus: a designer in South Korea has invented a "third eye" to warn people looking at their phones while walking before they collide with someone or something (or, maybe, to get them to look up more often).

13 08, 2020

That’s No Moon, It’s An Underwater “Space Station” (Cool Weird Awesome 358)

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Fabien Cousteau is looking to build PROTEUS, a 4,000 square foot underwater research station that has research facilities, a multimedia production studio and an underwater greenhouse. A much more productive use of underwater space than Dr. No and SPECTRE had. Plus: the Racine Art Museum has brought back the annual Peeps Art Exhibition, and this year's submissions are extremely sweet. 

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