The Robot That Sorts Your Trash From Your Recyclables (Cool Weird Awesome 240)

Toss an item into TrashBot and the system’s internal sensors figure out what the item is, and whether to recycle it or toss it out. No more recyclables in the trash, no more trash in the recyclables. Plus: officials in Prichard, Alabama missed a typo when sending out their new trash bins for residents.

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Some Art Looks Great Even When Accidentally Hung Upside Down (Cool Weird Awesome 164)

A great painting can turn your world upside down, especially if the painting is also upside down.

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When The Flyover Flies Over The Wrong Spot (Cool Weird Awesome 80)

Patrouille Swiss is the official aerial acrobatics team for Switzerland. Last weekend they were in fine form as they flew over the community of Langenbruck for a festival honoring a local aviation hero... except for one thing: they weren’t actually over Langenbruck.

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Where’s Francine Pierce? Or Martina Van Buren? What I’ve Been Reading This Week, June 2, 2019

Some excellent links from the past week.

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Australia’s Biggest Little Spelling Error (Cool Weird Awesome 38)

Australians have been laughing, cursing, sighing and facepalming over a misspelled word on the newest printing of the Australian $50 dollar note.

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