If Humans Start Living On Other Worlds, They Might End Up Creating New Accents (Cool Weird Awesome 1192)

Scientists and technicians are trying to figure out the logistics of off-Earth human bases. If that happens, there's some research that suggests the communities could end up developing their own accents.

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There’s A Secret Military Airline Known As “Janet” (Cool Weird Awesome 1136)

At the airport in Las Vegas, there's a terminal you can't use to fly in and catch a Golden Knights game or drop by a casino. It's used only by one of the most out-of-sight airlines in the world, a secret airline known as "Janet."

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A Soviet Cosmonaut Once Pretended To Land On The Moon To Troll NASA (Cool Weird Awesome 1090)

Today in 1968, the Soviet Union was launching the Zond 5 mission, orbiting the moon. But on cosmanaut, knowing the US would be listening, decided to pretend he’d landed on the moon's surface.

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An Urban Legend Says The Devil Took Over Everybody’s TV Screens In 1968 (Cool Weird Awesome 1075)

There’s an urban legend floating around the web that claims today in 1968, the television industry was briefly stopped in its tracks by the devil. We'll unpack this wild story.

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When An Apollo Astronaut Had A Gas Problem On The Moon (Cool Weird Awesome 993)

Today in 1972, astronauts John Young and Charles Duke stepped on the Moon during the Apollo 16 mission. Along the way, one of the moonwalkers revealed to the world, without meaning to, that orange juice had made him gassy.

For Self-Help Robots, Looks Matter (Cool Weird Awesome 976)

The University of Cambridge did a study about robotic wellbeing coaches. And it turns out that if we want robots to help us help ourselves… they need to be cute. 

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Uranus Was Originally Going To Be Named “George” (Cool Weird Awesome 968)

Today in 1781 astronomer William Herschel pointed his telescope toward Uranus. But long before the internet’s favorite planet got its very pun-filled name, an astronomer wanted to give it a much more chill one.

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The First Time Astronauts Walked In Space Without A Tether (Cool Weird Awesome 944)

Today in 1984, two US astronauts walked in space. And, for the first time, they weren’t connected to anything.

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The Moon Trees Came From Seeds That Went Into Lunar Orbit (Cool Weird Awesome 939)

Apollo 14 may be best known today for the moment when astronaut Alan Shepard hit golf balls on the surface of the moon, but the mission also gave us the “moon trees.”

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The Robot That Could Do Surgeries In Space (Cool Weird Awesome 837)

MIRA is a small robotic surgery system that's set for testing on the International Space Station - and could end up helping astronauts prepare for long-term missions to the Moon as part of the Artemis project.

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