Clarence Blethen, The Pitcher Who Got Bit By His Own False Teeth (Cool Weird Awesome 1020)

Today in 1933, truly a moment for the record books: a pitcher in a minor league baseball game got injured after being bitten by his own false teeth. 

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The Parachuting Beavers Of ‘48 (Cool Weird Awesome 514)

On this day in 1948, Idaho Fish and Game moved beavers to a new habitat in a very unusual way: they had the beavers parachute into the wilderness! We'll explain how they did it. Plus: a new map of New York City's most notable trees helps people find some unique green space even in the big city.

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How To Turn A World War II Parachute Into A Wedding Dress (Cool Weird Awesome 168)

For Veterans Day, we have the story of Claude and Ruth Hensinger, who used the parachute that saved Claude's life during World War II to help build their lives and their 49 year marriage together.

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