Parrots Like To Do Video Calls WIth Other Parrots (Cool Weird Awesome 1008)

This is one of the great technological and social breakthroughs of our time: scientists have figured out how parrots can do video calls with each other, and they love it!

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Stingrays Make Noise, And Now We Know What It Sounds Like (Cool Weird Awesome 830)

Scientists once thought stingrays were silent, but a recent recording project found out they make noise after all. Now they want to know why the rays make noises - and for who?

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The Parrots That Almost Did Publicity For A Mae West Movie (Cool Weird Awesome 617)

Today in 1934, Paramount Pictures released the movie “Belle of the Nineties,” starring Mae West. And, for some reason, the studio trained several dozen parrots to learn to say the title of the movie so they could appear at theaters and wow the moviegoing public. There was just one problem with the plan, though. Plus: on this World Peace Day, the guy who tried to make the world a more peaceful place by walking backwards. 

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