17 03, 2022

Mill Ends Park In Portland Is The World’s Smallest Park (Cool Weird Awesome 734)

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Today in 1948 that a guy in Portland, Oregon, dedicated Mill Ends Park, two square feet of green space in the middle of a parkway. It's still the world’s smallest park today.

30 12, 2021

With The Emotional Clothing Collection, You Really Can Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve (Cool Weird Awesome 683)

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Polish designer Iga Węglińska has a new way to help us stay in touch with our emotions: she's created clothes that will respond when we get stressed out.

13 08, 2020

That’s No Moon, It’s An Underwater “Space Station” (Cool Weird Awesome 358)

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Fabien Cousteau is looking to build PROTEUS, a 4,000 square foot underwater research station that has research facilities, a multimedia production studio and an underwater greenhouse. A much more productive use of underwater space than Dr. No and SPECTRE had. Plus: the Racine Art Museum has brought back the annual Peeps Art Exhibition, and this year's submissions are extremely sweet. 

31 12, 2019

Color-Changing Chocolate Sounds Like A Willy Wonka Invention Brought To Real Life (Cool Weird Awesome 205)

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Researchers in Switzerland say they’ve found a way to change the color of chocolate, and without adding any colors or dyes to it. Instead, they use a special imprint to give it a glowing, rainbow-y patina. Plus: the annual PeepsFest is getting underway, and they're going to do a ball drop for New Year's with a giant Peep!

11 04, 2019

This One Goes Out To All My Peeps (Cool Weird Awesome 16)

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The surest sign of spring is neither the calendar nor the weather. It’s the reappearance of Peeps, which are the stuff of candy and cultural legend now.

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