That’s No Moon, It’s An Underwater “Space Station” (Cool Weird Awesome 358)

Fabien Cousteau is looking to build PROTEUS, a 4,000 square foot underwater research station that has research facilities, a multimedia production studio and an underwater greenhouse. A much more productive use of underwater space than Dr. No and SPECTRE had. Plus: the Racine Art Museum has brought back the annual Peeps Art Exhibition, and this year's submissions are extremely sweet. 

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Color-Changing Chocolate Sounds Like A Willy Wonka Invention Brought To Real Life (Cool Weird Awesome 205)

Researchers in Switzerland say they’ve found a way to change the color of chocolate, and without adding any colors or dyes to it. Instead, they use a special imprint to give it a glowing, rainbow-y patina. Plus: the annual PeepsFest is getting underway, and they're going to do a ball drop for New Year's with a giant Peep!

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An Easter Crime Roundup

If I could hire Keith Morrison to be the Fraulein Maria of my household, I'd do it. Then he could tell me tales of the Murder at Onion Soup Junction as we turn our draperies into suits for forensic lab techs. But until then, we'll just recap crime-related stories on Easter.

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