Getting A Thousand Bucks In Oily Pennies In Your Driveway Is One Way To Wrap Up A Job (Cruel Weird Awful 7)

Leaving a job usually means wrapping things up with your soon to be ex-employer including getting a final paycheck. But here’s the story of a guy who got a pretty unpleasant sendoff. 

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The Most Poisonous Wallpaper Ever Had Arsenic In It (Cool Weird Awesome 737)

The new book "Bitten by Witch Fever" by Lucinda Hawksley highlights hundreds of wallpaper patterns from the UK in the 19th century, a time when some of the pigments in those papers were made from arsenic. Yes, the poison.

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Rise Of The Tortilla (Cool Weird Awesome 78)

Taco Bell says it’s been dealing with a tortilla shortage. Those craving inexpensive tacos and burritos at odd hours are bearing the brunt of this crisis, but it’s affecting all of us - after all, tortillas have been a part of our culinary lives for thousands of years.

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