Let’s Meet The Guy Named Mason Who Patented The Mason Jar (Cool Weird Awesome 1137)

Today in 1858 the US issued a patent for the mason jar. And yes, the story of the mason jar starts with someone named Mason. 

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A Whole City Came Together To Give “Batkid” One Super Day (Cool Weird Awesome 1126)

Ten years ago today, one of the sweetest moments in recent history: the day a five year old got to celebrate the end of his cancer treatments by becoming a superhero and saving the day in front of tens of thousands.

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An Excited James Brown Fan Almost Swore Through The Recording Of “Live At The Apollo” (Cool Weird Awesome 1115)

Today in 1962, the recording of the landmark James Brown album “Live at the Apollo,” one that came together after the recording team dealt with one pretty big obstacle.  

How Colorado Got The Colorado River To Run Through Colorado (Cool Weird Awesome 1055)

Today is known in some parts of the American West as Colorado River Day, because of a measure passed in 1921 that redefined what and where the Colorado River was.

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Rockford, Illinois Is The Birthplace Of The Sock Monkey (Cool Weird Awesome 1017)

Today in 1992, it's said the first picture book featuring a sock monkey was published. But where did the sock monkey itself show up? That was decades earlier, in the Illinois city of Rockford - or, as it's sometimes called, Sockford.

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A Game Of Twister On “The Tonight Show” Helped Make The Game A Hit (Cool Weird Awesome 1001)

Today in 1966, NBC’s “The Tonight Show” turned Twister, a board game that might have fallen through the cracks, into a big hit.

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There Were Storm Chasers Even In The 19th Century (Cool Weird Awesome 996)

Today in 1884, A.A. Adams of Kansas took what is the earliest-known photo of a tornado. Early storm photos are pretty remarkable, for a lot of reasons.

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Susanna Madora Salter Became The First American Woman Mayor Kind Of By Surprise (Cool Weird Awesome 961)

Today was the birthday in 1860 of the first woman to serve as a mayor in the United States, Susanna Madora Salter, of Argonia, Kansas. She wasn’t looking to make history and didn’t even run for the job, but then sometimes you choose the moment, and other times the moment chooses you.

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The First Time Astronauts Walked In Space Without A Tether (Cool Weird Awesome 944)

Today in 1984, two US astronauts walked in space. And, for the first time, they weren’t connected to anything.

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The New York Mets Once Made A Mule Their Mascot (Cool Weird Awesome 874)

It's National Mule Day, so it's a great day to celebrate a mule who singlehandedly… showed up at some Major League Baseball games. Here's the story of the official mule mascot of the New York Mets.

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