21 07, 2023

Winneconne, Wisconsin Once Seceded From The State Over A Highway Map (Cool Weird Awesome 1053)

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This town really did put itself on the map!

23 09, 2022

There’s A House In The Middle Of France’s Loire River (Cool Weird Awesome 851)

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It's known as the House in the Loire, and it's a popular sight for those on Loire River boat tours. But it's not a house on a formerly dry site that later flooded; nor does anyone live there.

31 12, 2020

Once Upon A Time, Human Ancestors Tried To Hibernate (Cool Weird Awesome 448)

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A paleoanthrological study in the caves of Atapuerca, Spain, finds that hundreds of thousands of years ago, human ancestors tried something along the lines of hibernation, holing up in the caves for months during winter. It didn't go all that well, though. Plus: you've heard of the ball drop on New Year's Eve in Times Square. But have you heard of the new year's pickle drop in Mt. Olive, North Carolina?

11 03, 2020

Turn Used Cooking Oil Into Raw Material For 3D Printers (Cool Weird Awesome 256)

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Researchers at the University of Toronto have an idea: maybe the old cooking oil from fast food chains could have new life as resin for 3D printers. Plus: this weekend in Mansfield, Texas, it’s the one and only Pickle Parade!

20 09, 2019

Bah Gawd It’s A Smart Cane (Cool Weird Awesome 132)

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The weWALK is a smart cane for blind pedestrians, with ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles ahead and Google Maps connections to navigate through and describe the surrounding area. Plus: if you like pickles, the Big Dill festival is back this weekend in Baltimore.

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