Steve Jobs, The First Person To Order A Pizza Online (Cool Weird Awesome 957)

Today in 1955 Steve Jobs was born. His biggest contributions to the tech world are well known, but one you might not have heard of? Steve Jobs was also the first person to order a pizza on the internet.

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Detroit-Style Pizza Got Its Shape From Another Famous Detroit Industry (Cool Weird Awesome 713)

For National Pizza Day, here's the story of one of the hottest types of pizza in the country: Detroit-style, first made in a special pan that wasn't meant to be a pan at all.

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Washington Phillips, A Legendary Gospel Musician Surrounded By Musical Mysteries (Cool Weird Awesome 692)

Today in 1880 was the birthday of Washington Phillips, a musician who made some astonishing music in the 1920s, but we know very little about his life and his music - we aren't even completely sure what instrument he played.

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The Super Blood Moon Is When A Bunch Of Cool Moon Things Happen At Once (Cool Weird Awesome 541)

Next week many of us will be watching for the Super Blood Moon, which is actually three moon phenomena all happening at the same time, thus earning its memorable and maybe kind of terrifying nickname. Plus: this month marks 20 years since the world’s first pizza delivery in space.

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How Chuck E. Cheese Became The World’s Top Animatronic Mouse Video Gamer And Pizza Restaurateur (Cool Weird Awesome 537)

Today in 1977, Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre opened in California, co-founded by Atari's Nolan Bushnell as a kid-friendly way to promote video gaming and bring the world closer to animatronic mice. Plus: this week in 1905, a film camera documents the funeral procession of the last known surviving veteran of the War of 1812. 

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The Face Masks Of Today Could Become The Roads Of Tomorrow (Cool Weird Awesome 477)

Millions of people are wearing masks these days to protect themselves and others. And researchers in Australia have found a way to reuse those single-use, disposable masks to make new roads. Plus: it's National Pizza Day, so here's a very geometry-heavy way to slice up a pizza and still make it equal for two eaters.

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Math Says You Get More Pizza With A Large Instead Of Two Mediums (Cool Weird Awesome 209)

Obviously one large pizza gets you more than one medium or one small, but what if you’re offered one of those deals where you could get two mediums for a special price? A bold group of pizza researchers studied how you can get the most pizza for your money. Plus: meet the Cocoa Press, the 3D printer for chocolate the world has always needed, even if we didn't realize we needed it.

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Finally, Cameras Can Truly See The Sea (Cool Weird Awesome 172)

Underwater photos are usually greenish or blueish and the brighter colors are washed out. An engineer and oceanographer has come up with an algorithm she calls Sea-thru that can bring those colors back into the image. Plus: the Las Vegas Pizza Festival is about to get underway.

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The Pizza And Pipe Organ Connection (Cool Weird Awesome 8)

I spent part of the weekend chasing down a little bit of musical and culinary history in Greenfield, Wisconsin, just outside Milwaukee.

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