Claire Weekes Came Up With Six Words To Help With Anxiety (Cool Weird Awesome 985)

Today in 1903, the birthday of Dr. Claire Weekes, who helped the world understand that sometimes the way to stop a spell of anxiety in its tracks… is, in a way, to stop trying to stop it. 

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Dad Jokes Are Good For Kids, And Here’s The Science That Says So (Cool Weird Awesome 978)

Dad jokes may not be good jokes, but they may be good for us: a study from The British Psychological Society shows how telling a very simple, groan-inducing joke is a pretty complex process.

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For Self-Help Robots, Looks Matter (Cool Weird Awesome 976)

The University of Cambridge did a study about robotic wellbeing coaches. And it turns out that if we want robots to help us help ourselves… they need to be cute. 

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Science Once Figured Out How To Give Rats Gambling Problems – And How To Take Them Away (Cool Weird Awesome 964)

Today in 2016, researchers released a study that showed how to influence rats to make risky bets in a “rat casino.”

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Piano Chords May Help Stop Chronic Nightmares (Cool Weird Awesome 884)

There's a new technique that could help people trying to fend off chronic nightmares - and it involves playing "neutral" piano chords at just the right times.

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Clever Hans, The Horse That “Solved” Math Problems (Cool Weird Awesome 670)

Back about 120 or so years ago, in Berlin, Germany, you might have encountered a strange sight: a man named Wilhelm Von Osten asking math questions of a horse named Clever Hans. Was the horse actually solving the problems, or was something else at work? 

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Being Nice Really Can Make The World Around You Nicer, Science Has Shown It (Cool Weird Awesome 655)

A University of Oregon study on what's called the “perceiver-elicited similarity effect" finds that when you’re nice, that can lead to more niceness around you! Plus: today in 1910, what’s believed to be the first movie stunt took place. And it was quite a stunt. 

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People Will Buy “Ugly” Veggies – If Grocers Call Them Ugly (Cool Weird Awesome 498)

Plus: if you're weary of remote meetings, a new web tool called Zoom Escaper may help you get a break.

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What Do Video Game Playing Monkeys Have To Do With The Sunk Cost Fallacy? (Cool Weird Awesome 456)

The sunk-cost fallacy - when we keep at something even when it’s really not worth it anymore, just because we’ve already put so much time or effort in - is a part of human nature. But new research shows it's also a part of the nature of - this is the best part - video game playing monkeys. Plus: our first story on world records of 2021. Meet the world's largest spam musubi!

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For A Person Who’s Hiding Something, Time Slows Down (Cool Weird Awesome 446)

A new study from researchers at Aoyama Gakuin University and Osaka University finds that something interesting happens when we’re trying not to reveal something: our perception of time slows down. Plus: MIT physicists have designed a model for a super-accurate atomic clock that even accounts for quantum physics.

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