Some People Are Sweet On Kool-Aid Pickles, But Others Have Soured On The Idea (Cool Weird Awesome 1239)

Today in 2007, the New York Times published a feature story on Kool Aid pickles, a sweet and sour treat that found some diehard fans in the southern US.

The Peculiar Reason Chicken, Alaska Got Its Name (Cool Weird Awesome 744)

Alaska is an unusual state in many ways, and here's the story of an unusual town that was supposed to be named for one bird but got named after a different one instead.

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The Asterisk Has Been Helping Us Qualify Our Sentences For Over Two Millennia (Cool Weird Awesome 565)

The new book “Hyphens and Hashtags” looks at where all our punctuation marks have come from. Some of them, like the highly versatile asterisk, have been around for thousands of years. Plus: if you've had a week that made you want to scream, Japan has a Screambulance that may help.

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