A Baboon Named Jack Once Worked For A Railroad, And He Was Good At His Job (Cool Weird Awesome 1147)

For National Monkey Day, the story of Jack, a baboon in South Africa who was so smart he worked for a railroad for nine years without a single mistake.

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What Time Was Like Before Time Zones (Cool Weird Awesome 173)

November 18, 1883 is when railroads across the United States adopted a uniform system of time, more or less getting all of us in sync with each other. But what was time like before then? Plus: Japan has had cat cafes, hedgehog cafes and bunny cafes. Now there's a minipig cafe!

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Treat Your Mother Subreddit Right (Cool Weird Awesome 37)

Let's pay tribute to the Mom For A Minute Subreddit, which provides a virtual Reddit mom for you when your own maternal relationship is unresolved.

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