Yuan Longping Developed The Rice That Fed Millions (Cool Weird Awesome 607)

Yuan Longping, born today in 1930, was known as the Father of Hybrid Rice, and his work saved countless people from famine and starvation. Here's more of his story. Plus: a school in New Zealand has an unusual crossing guard: a chicken in a safety vest named Henry! 

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A Little Electricity Might Help Heal Our Wounds (Cool Weird Awesome 495)

Welcome to the world of electroceuticals! That's the word for treatments that involve electricity, and a new study finds steady current applied to wounds can actually get healing agents to the site more quickly. Speaking of quick: the "tossed rice art" of Maria Lynn may only last an instant, but what an instant it is.

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Getting All Our Robot Ducks In A Row (Cool Weird Awesome 79)

In Japan, there's a little white robot swimming through rice fields, imitating a duck! It's actually helping to grow the rice by aerating the water and stopping weeds from growing.

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