AI Can Detect Sarcasm Now, Isn’t That Just So Great (Cool Weird Awesome 546)

DARPA’s Information Innovation Office and researchers at the University of Central Florida taught a deep learning algorithm to spot sarcasm by feeding it back articles of The Onion and snarky threads from Twitter and Reddit. I'm so excited. Plus: it's National Road Trip Day, how about a visit to a town with a very road trip friendly name?

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If You’re On Vacation, Eat Something Large And Weird (Cool Weird Awesome 117)

The roadside diner is a staple of American travel. And some restaurants make the food a kind of roadside attraction, often by creating meals that are too big to be believed, and often too big to be consumed in one sitting.

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The Giant Potato Airbnb And Other Wild Places To Stay (Cool Weird Awesome 116)

There are hotels, motels, friends with fold-out couches, house rentals, B&Bs and, in Idaho, a giant potato you can rent.

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The Train Station With No Entrances Or Exits (Cool Weird Awesome 115)

There's an unusual train station in southwest Japan to which you can take a train, but you can’t enter the platform from outside; nor can you leave.

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How To See The Lower 48 States In One Road Trip (Cool Weird Awesome 114)

Randal S. Olson developed a computer algorithm to find the shortest, most efficient way to drive through all 48 contiguous United States - 13,699 miles and around 224 hours of driving. Plus: the Race Across America is a more than 3,000 mile road race from Los Angeles to New York on bicycles.

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A Bike Trip Around The World With A Cat (Cool Weird Awesome 113)

Dean Nicholson left his job and started a bike trip across the world. While riding through Bosnia, he heard a “desperate meow." So, instead of riding solo, he decided the cat would come along.

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