Murphy, The Eagle Who Became Dad To A Rock (Cool Weird Awesome 1220)

This month in 2023, a big moment in the life of an eagle named Murphy, who had become internet famous for raising a rock.

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Where Did We Put All The Goodwill Moon Rocks From Apollo 17? (Cool Weird Awesome 1150)

Today in 1972 Apollo 17 returned from the moon. One of the lunar samples was sliced up and shared with every American state and hundreds of countries... except that we aren't quite sure where some of those rocks are now.

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The Pet Rock Started As A Dad Joke And Ended Up As A Million Dollar Idea (Cool Weird Awesome 827)

It was around this time in 1975 that Gary Dahl dropped by a gift show in San Francisco with the idea for the pet rock. It would make him a millionaire.

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A Guy Carved Slogans Into Giant Boulders To Get People To Think Positive (Cool Weird Awesome 567)

Today is the birthday of Roger Babson, who once hired stonecutters to carve giant motivational slogans into a series of boulders in Massachusetts during the Great Depression. Plus: a research team from Harvard and MIT has announced a new high-tech face mask with disease-spotting biosensors. It can spot germs more or less in real time! 

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