Communist Countries Thought The TV Show “Dallas” Would Scare Citizens Away From Capitalism, But It Backfired (Cool Weird Awesome 1212)

The iconic TV show was just supposed to be a miniseries, but it kept winning over audience after audience - even some behind the Iron Curtain.

In Whittier, Alaska, A Lot Of Residents All Live In One Building (Cool Weird Awesome 1162)

Today in 1959, Alaska became the 49th state in the Union. It’s unique in so many ways, like how a large part of one Alaskan community lives in a single 14 story building. 

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The Woman Who Brought Hollywood To Communist Romania (Cool Weird Awesome 676)

In the late 1980s Romania was still behind the Iron Curtain, but its people wanted to see and hear film, TV shows and music from the US and other countries. Irina Nistor used her voice to bring some of that outside media to the people.

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