Sign Spinning Isn’t Just A Job, It’s A Sport (Cool Weird Awesome 927)

Tomorrow in Las Vegas, the 2023 AArrow Sign Spinners competition begins, with elite-level sign spinners showing off their best moves.

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When 28,800 Rubber Duckies Fell Into The Pacific Ocean (Cool Weird Awesome 691)

Today in 1992, the Pacific Ocean filled up with rubber duckies, thanks to a storm that knocked some shipping containers off a cargo boat. We'll explain how the Friendly Floatees went from accidental oceangoers to the stuff of movies and picture books.

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Getting All Our Robot Ducks In A Row (Cool Weird Awesome 79)

In Japan, there's a little white robot swimming through rice fields, imitating a duck! It's actually helping to grow the rice by aerating the water and stopping weeds from growing.

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We Have A Lot Of UFO Historical Markers Now (Cool Weird Awesome 77)

It’s day one of the Roswell UFO Festival in New Mexico. Whatever happened there in 1947, the incident put Roswell on the map - and other towns that have their own UFO stories have been increasingly playing up those stories, including through historic markers.

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