Tom Waits Went To Court Over An Ad For Doritos (Cool Weird Awesome 1142)

Today in 1949, the birthday of musician Tom Waits. His path has been unique and singular, accept no imitations… no really. A Tom Waits imitation once led the singer to sue a giant snack company.

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An Ad In The 70s Had Awful Advice For Bowlers: “Beat Your Wife Tonight” (Cruel Weird Awful 11)

In the 1970s some people in the bowling industry thought they’d come up with a clever way to get more people to the lanes, but they chose poorly when it came to the words.

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The Deepest Hole People Ever Made (Cool Weird Awesome 542)

In northwestern Russia, on the Kola Peninsula, there's a metal cap covering a hole that scientists dug 7.5 miles down. Here's the story of the Kola Superdeep Borehole project. Plus, a classic rock band finds out what it's like to be in the financial hole, on a resource-intensive US tour. 

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A “Mammoth Loaf” Once Turned The U.S. Senate Chamber Into A Big Bread Box

Today in 1804, the US Senate held a party featuring something called the “Mammoth Loaf.” To explain, we have to first tell you about Thomas Jefferson, an enormous block of cheese and an archeology project. Plus: a very cold town in Siberia has some very cool music, thanks to spring ice drums.

When You’re Tracking Migrating Eagles, Always Get Extra Roaming Data (Cool Weird Awesome 158)

A project is tracking steppe eagles through text messages. But the eagles have been crossing into other countries and their trackers are using roaming data!

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