26 12, 2022

A Sailor In An Around-The-World Race Turned Around To Save An Opponent (Cool Weird Awesome 912)

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This week in 1996, a British sailor competing in a race around the world decided that winning the race wasn’t as important as helping a fellow sailor who was in trouble.

12 05, 2022

R-14, The Submarine That Made It Back To Port Using Blankets As Sails (Cool Weird Awesome 770)

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This month in 1921, an American submarine known as R-14 ran out of usable fuel in the Pacific Ocean, and lost radio contact with the Navy. To get home, the crew turned the sub into a sailboat, making bunk beds and blankets into sails.

6 04, 2022

Mary Patten, 19 Year Old Sea Captain (Cool Weird Awesome 749)

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Today in 1837, the birthday of Mary Patten. She became a celebrity when she came along on a shipping trip led by her husband and ended up in charge of the ship. Plus: photographer Andrew McCarthy has put together a timelapse of the moon’s phases that shows its lunar libration, or sway, in all its glory.

26 08, 2019

A Bike Trip Around The World With A Cat (Cool Weird Awesome 113)

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Dean Nicholson left his job and started a bike trip across the world. While riding through Bosnia, he heard a “desperate meow." So, instead of riding solo, he decided the cat would come along.

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