Sunlight Plus Salt Water Equals A Cooling System (Cool Weird Awesome 624)

A project out of a Saudi university has built a cooling system that uses salt, water and heat from sunlight, but not electricity. Plus: one of the finalists for induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame is sand. Just sand. 

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The Letters of the English Alphabet Weren’t Added in Alphabetical Order (Cool Weird Awesome 306)

Amazingly, the English alphabet added its last letter in 1524, and no, that letter wasn't Z. We'll explain how an Italian grammarian convinced the world to add one more letter to the list. Plus: Andoni Bastarrika is a Basque artist who works with sand, but we’re not talking about basic beach sand castles here.

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Ship To Shark Communication (Cool Weird Awesome 27)

A new study spotted sand tiger sharks returning to the same shipwrecks, sometimes over months or even years. Are they taking a rest stop on their migration routes? Are they mating there - like a pirate-themed make-out spot for sharks?

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