Two US Cities Each Insist Their Cuban Sandwich Is The Authentic One (Cool Weird Awesome 1225)

Around this time in 2012, Tampa, Florida declared that “The Historic Tampa Cuban Sandwich” was the city’s signature sandwich. People in Miami weren't thrilled about this, because they insist their Cuban is the historic one.

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The Worst Sandwich Ever Was A Way To Get Around Anti-Liquor Laws (Cool Weird Awesome 880)

It's National Sandwich Day, and there are lots of great ones out there. The worst sandwich has a pretty clear champion - the Raines sandwich. Though to be fair, it wasn’t ever really intended to be eaten.

Order A Cold Sandwich And You May Be More Likely To Get Sides, Too (Cool Weird Awesome 488)

A study out of Rutgers University-Camden finds people who order cold sandwiches instead of hot ones also pick up chips, cookies and other sides much more often. Why? Plus: today in 1912, an unusual performance of a classic opera outside one of the great wonders of the world.

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Elvis Once Flew Halfway Across The Country For A Giant Sandwich (Cool Weird Awesome 471)

On this day in 1976, Elvis Presley apparently got so excited describing a sandwich made at a restaurant in Denver, that he flew there that night to eat it, and then flew right back to Memphis.

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A Guy Who Snagged Richard Nixon’s Half-Eaten Sandwich Still Has It 60 Years Later (Cool Weird Awesome 388)

This week in 1960, Richard Nixon campaigned at a cookout in Sullivan, Illinois, eating some of a Buffalo barbecue sandwich before giving his speech. A young Boy Scout, Steve Jenne, took the rest of Nixon's sandwich home and has kept it in the freezer for the last 60 years! Plus: if you're missing cubicles and conference tables these days, there's a new soundscape, Calm Office, that might help. 

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Lead Pollution Is Bad For Us, But Can It Walk Us Back Through History? (Cool Weird Awesome 285)

Lead, unfortunately, is something that lingers, as was proven by scientists who used lead pollution from centuries ago to track the ups and downs of European monarchs.

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Our Show About The History Of “OK” Is Just Okay (Cool Weird Awesome 265)

On this day in 1839 we first saw the word we use so often to describe our most middling feelings. That’s right, it’s the birthday of OK. Plus: it's also the anniversary of the time an astronaut smuggled a corned beef sandwich aboard a space mission.

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