There Are Schools Where You Can Learn To Be Santa (Cool Weird Awesome 910)

Anybody can put on a red suit and hat, don a white beard and say “ho ho ho” to passersby. But if you want to do Kris Kringle’s job properly, you can do what hundreds and hundreds of them have done: go to Santa school.

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A Misdialed Phone Number Got Santa Airspace Clearance From The US Military (Cool Weird Awesome 443)

Why does NORAD watch Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, while watching for missiles and bombers the rest of the time? It all started when an ad for a Santa Claus hotline accidentally published a military hotline number during the Cold War. Plus: a gag gift known as the "Nothing Box" was maybe one present that wasn't supposed to travel through the skies at Christmastime. 

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“Outer Space Santa” by The Lennon Sisters with Lawrence Welk’s Little Band

Santa Claus decided in the 50s to move his whole operation away from the North Pole so he can provide toys to kids in outer space.

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