Charles Strite, The Inventor Who Made Toasters Pop (Cool Weird Awesome 1191)

Today was the birthday in 1878 of a guy who changed breakfast forever: Charles Strite, the inventor of the pop-up toaster. Here's how the idea popped up.

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How The Snow Globe Started Shaking Up Winter (Cool Weird Awesome 1153)

Winter is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere. If it doesn't feel like it yet, grab a snow globe - we'll tell you how they got their start.

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During The Burryman’s Parade, A Scottish Dude In A Suit Made Of Burrs Walks Around Drinking Whiskey (Cool Weird Awesome 1068)

The second Friday in August is an exciting time in the Scottish community of South Queensferrry. That’s when the town holds an event that takes some explaining: the Burryman’s Parade.

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Charles Osborne Had The Hiccups For 68 Years (Cool Weird Awesome 1025)

Today in 1922, a guy named Charles Osborne had an accident with a very unusual side effect: it gave him the hiccups for nearly seven decades. 

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Nellie Bly Made It Around The World In 72 Days (Cool Weird Awesome 702)

Today in 1890, Nellie Bly finished her trip around the world. She was trying to do what Jules Verne's character Phineas Fogg had done in 80 days, and she took just 72.

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The World’s Fanciest Bus Stop (Cool Weird Awesome 499)

In Scotland's Shetland Islands, on the island called Unst, a 7 year old's request for a new bus stop led to a community tradition of making the space comfortable and colorful.

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