Lewis Howard Latimer, The Black Inventor Who Helped Make The Modern World Modern (Cool Weird Awesome 1079)

Today in 1848, the birthday of Lewis Howard Latimer, an inventor whose work helped make the world what it is today. 

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AI Phone Bots Foil Scammers By Wasting Their Time (Cool Weird Awesome 1051)

Some experts are worried AI could undo human civilization, but some of it is trying to help people. Like a project that uses AI phone bots to keep phone scammers from scamming people.

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The Classic Black And White Soccer Ball Was Designed To Look Like A Satellite (Cool Weird Awesome 892)

The World Cup is getting underway in Qatar. The Cup's official ball has a colorful and busy design, perfect for HDTVs. Here's the story of how the classic black and white ball got its design.

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A Couple In Texas Made A Replica Of The Munsters’ TV House (Cool Weird Awesome 877)

Happy Halloween! Today we pay a visit to a house in Waxahachie, Texas that's a real-world replica of the home of TV's Munsters.

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Norton I Of San Francisco Declared Himself Emperor Of The United States (Cool Weird Awesome 545)

On the anniversary of the opening of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, here's the story of another one of the city's icons: Norton I, a man who proclaimed himself emperor of the United States and people went along with it. Plus: a Chinese millionaire has bought a soccer team and has added himself to the roster, and people are going along with it. 

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Having Knee Problems? Try This Artificial Cartilage (Cool Weird Awesome 338)

Every year in the US there are some 600,000 knee replacement surgeries. But a team at Duke University might help some people avoid those surgeries with a hydrogel that can stand in for cartilage. Plus: engineers at NIKE develop a ball that can really soar.

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