The Nutty Narrows Bridge Was Built For Squirrels In Washington State (Cool Weird Awesome 1206)

Today in 1963, the opening of a bridge in Longview, Washington. that wasn't for cars, or bikes, or even pedestrians. It was a bridge for squirrels.

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Pilot Whales Trick Their Predators By Mimicking Their Voices (Cool Weird Awesome 435)

A team out of New Curtin University in Australia has found that pilot whales appear to imitate one of their predators, tricking them away from the hunt. And in equally clever but much more irritating news, a neighborhood in Ottawa, Ontario reports squirrels are stealing the LED lights out of their holiday displays.

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In Honor Of Rocky And Bullwinkle, We Have Stories About Moose And Squirrel (Cool Weird Awesome 174)

Today is the 60th anniversary of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, so in their honor, here's a real life moose who inadvertently helped foil a crime.

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