Hisako Koyama Tracked Sunspots For Almost Half A Century (Cool Weird Awesome 859)

International Astronomy Day is coming up this weekend, so we’re talking about Hisako Koyama, an astronomer who hand-drew tens of thousands of daily observations of the sun and its spots.

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The Carrington Event, A Huge Magnetic Storm That Let Telegraph Operators Send Messages Through The Air (Cool Weird Awesome 841)

Today in 1859 the night sky was about as bright as it's ever been, thanks to a massive geomagnetic storm known today as the Carrington Event.

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The Day The Sun Left New England (Cool Weird Awesome 301)

This day in 1780 was a very strange day for New England. The sun decided to leave the sky around 10 in the morning, leaving everything pitch black and scaring the heck out of the locals.

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