When The Supreme Court Kind Of Ruled That An Airplane Wasn’t A Motor Vehicle (Cool Weird Awesome 966)

Today in 1931, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that seems to say that a guy who stole an airplane was not guilty of breaking the law against stealing motor vehicles. It’s actually a little more complicated than that.

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There’s A Basketball Court In The US Supreme Court Building (Cool Weird Awesome 940)

On this day in 1790 the US Supreme Court held its first session. Back then, the Court didn't have its own building, but now it does, and that building includes a basketball court.

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Tomatoes Are Fruit, But The Supreme Court Once Ruled That They’re Vegetables (Cool Weird Awesome 768)

Today in 1893, the highest court in the land made a controversial ruling that would profoundly affect Americans to this day: the US Supreme Court ruled that the tomato was a vegetable.

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