9 06, 2022

If It’s Thursday, It’s Time For Pea Soup And Pancakes In Sweden (Cool Weird Awesome 790)

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This past Monday was National Day in Sweden, but it's Thursday that the real fun gets underway, because that’s when people eat pea soup and pancakes. Together.

28 02, 2022

In Sweden In 1712, February Had 30 Days (Cool Weird Awesome 721)

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Most years February is 28 days long. Every fourth year it has 29. But one time, in one country, for one year, there was a February 30th.

13 12, 2021

Clever Hans, The Horse That “Solved” Math Problems (Cool Weird Awesome 670)

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Back about 120 or so years ago, in Berlin, Germany, you might have encountered a strange sight: a man named Wilhelm Von Osten asking math questions of a horse named Clever Hans. Was the horse actually solving the problems, or was something else at work? 

3 09, 2021

Emma Schols Saved Her Six Kids From A Burning House (Cool Weird Awesome 605)

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Today in 2019, a woman in Sweden rose to an unthinkable occasion: she rescued all six of her children, including three under 5 years old, while their house burned down. Plus: did you know hummingbirds can see some ultraviolet colors that humans can't? 

21 09, 2020

A Museum Exhibit In Sweden Includes The Weirdest Drinks Of All Time (Cool Weird Awesome 385)

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The Disgusting Food Museum in southern Sweden has a new exhibit on the strangest alcoholic drinks of all time, proving that people will drink some truly revolting concoctions in pursuit of a buzz. Plus: remember how Asbestos, Quebec was going to choose one of four replacement names for the town? Those plans are on hold, cause apparently the people of Asbestos aren't big fans of the new names.

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