Clarence Blethen, The Pitcher Who Got Bit By His Own False Teeth (Cool Weird Awesome 1020)

Today in 1933, truly a moment for the record books: a pitcher in a minor league baseball game got injured after being bitten by his own false teeth. 

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Brushing Our Teeth With Help From Nanorobots (Cool Weird Awesome 818)

University of Pennsylvania researchers are developing a teeth cleaning system out of nanoparticles.

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Someday Teeth May Heal Themselves (But We’ll Still Have To Brush) (Cool Weird Awesome 260)

A team at King’s College London has found evidence that, with help from a prescription treatment, teeth may be able to repair themselves! Plus: parades are off this St. Patrick's Day, but we've still got Irish Potato Candies. (Don't worry, they only look like potatoes.)

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