Bonnie Richardson Won A State Track Team Championship By Herself – Twice (Cool Weird Awesome 1233)

This month in 2008, a high school athlete from a very small town competed as a team of one in the Texas track championships, and finished first two years in a row.

Communist Countries Thought The TV Show “Dallas” Would Scare Citizens Away From Capitalism, But It Backfired (Cool Weird Awesome 1212)

The iconic TV show was just supposed to be a miniseries, but it kept winning over audience after audience - even some behind the Iron Curtain.

If This TV Show Hadn’t Been Canceled, We Might Not Have Had The Original Versions of “Star Trek” and TV’s “Batman” (Cool Weird Awesome 1210)

Today in 1931, the birthday of William Shatner, Captain Kirk from the original “Star Trek” series. Of course, if a different show he was supposed to star in had gone ahead, Shatner might not have ended up as Captain Kirk.

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Police Squad! The TV Comedy That Got Canceled For Being Too Funny (Cool Weird Awesome 1195)

Today in 1982, the premiere of the short-lived but critically acclaimed cop spoof Police Squad, a show TV executives said was essentially too funny to stay on the air. 

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The “Hairy Eagle” Is A Decoration Made Partly With Abraham Lincoln’s Hair (Cool Weird Awesome 1185)

It's Abe Lincoln's birthday, and if you want to see a small bit of the man himself, you could try heading to Syracuse, New York, where there’s a bit of Abe Lincoln’s hair in a very unusual decoration known as the Hairy Eagle. 

Jean Carroll, TV’s First Female Standup Comedy Star (Cool Weird Awesome 1176)

Today in 1949, a first for American network TV: a female comedian did a standup routine on the air. Here's the story of comic Jean Carroll.

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Schoolhouse Rock Taught Generations About Bills, Adverbs And Magic Numbers (Cool Weird Awesome 1164)

This week in 1973, the premiere of Schoolhouse Rock! We'll explain how this show got kids singing and learning every Saturday morning.

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The UK Reality Show “Shattered” Was Essentially A Sleep Deprivation Contest On TV (Cool Weird Awesome 1163)

Twenty years ago today, Channel Four in the UK first aired "Shattered," a show where contestants tried to stay awake the longest to win a grand prize.

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Alberto Manzi Convinced Italians That “It’s Never Too Late” To Learn (Cool Weird Awesome 1123)

Today in 1924, the birthday of Alberto Manzi, who taught millions of Italian adults to read and write through a TV show. 

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An Urban Legend Says The Devil Took Over Everybody’s TV Screens In 1968 (Cool Weird Awesome 1075)

There’s an urban legend floating around the web that claims today in 1968, the television industry was briefly stopped in its tracks by the devil. We'll unpack this wild story.

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