A Teen Got To The “End” Of NES Tetris, And People Figured Out How To Hack The Software And Keep Playing (Cool Weird Awesome 1253)

For the birthday of Tetris, the story of a 13 year old who played so deep into the NES version of the game that it crashed - and the gamers who found ways to keep playing even past that "end" point.

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Jets Can Burn Less Fuel Thanks To Electric Towing (Cool Weird Awesome 719)

Taxiing accounts for about 5 percent of a jet's fuel consumption, so one way to make flying greener is making taxiing greener, like through an all-electric towing system.

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A 16 Year Old In Nebraska Once Bought His Town’s Jail (Cool Weird Awesome 675)

Harvard, Nebraska is home to about a thousand people and six historic markers, one of which tells the strange but true story of a teenager who ended up owning the city jail. 

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Depression-Detecting AI Is Much More Than A Virtual Mood Ring (Cool Weird Awesome 95)

Someday, smart speakers might be able to sound off if we don’t sound quite ourselves. Researchers at the University of Alberta have been working on a way for AI to detect depression through voice recordings.

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