February Is The Shortest Month For Literally Odd Reasons (Cool Weird Awesome 1181)

We're in the shortest month of the year, but how did that happen? The answer starts with the Romans, who had reasons.

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Toronto’s “Stork Derby” Happened Because Of A Very Wealthy Lawyer’s Very Strange Will (Cool Weird Awesome 1121)

This week in 1926, a will left behind by a very unusual lawyer in Toronto led to a ten year baby-having contest nicknamed the “Stork Derby.”

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The Toronto Circus Riot Started Because Clowns Fought Firefighters At A Brothel (Cruel Weird Awful 12)

July 13, 1855 is the date of the Toronto Circus Riot, an event which sounds baffling and bizarre from the name alone, but the details are even weirder.

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