The Flatwoods Monster Put A West Virginia Town On The Map, After Scaring Local Kids (Cool Weird Awesome 1085)

Today in 1952, a group of people in Flatwoods, West Virginia encountered... something. The locals refer to it as, among other names, the Flatwoods Monster.

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John Lennon and The Many Other Pop Stars Who Say They Saw UFOs (Cool Weird Awesome 1071)

Today in 1974, John Lennon said he saw a UFO while looking out the window. Whatever it was that actually happened, he was far from the only famous musician to say they'd encountered something in the skies.

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Kecksburg, Pennsylvania Is Home To The World’s Most Famous “Space Acorn” (Cool Weird Awesome 901)

Today in 1965, something happened in the community of Kecksburg in southwestern Pennsylvania. That something has had plenty of names - UFO Crash, Great Fireball, second Roswell - so let’s explain what we do and don’t know about it.

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The Canadian Town That Built A Landing Pad For UFOs (Cool Weird Awesome 312)

Today in 1967, the town of St. Paul, Alberta officially opened the world’s first UFO landing pad. So why is there a UFO landing pad in east central Alberta?

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We Have A Lot Of UFO Historical Markers Now (Cool Weird Awesome 77)

It’s day one of the Roswell UFO Festival in New Mexico. Whatever happened there in 1947, the incident put Roswell on the map - and other towns that have their own UFO stories have been increasingly playing up those stories, including through historic markers.

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Venus: If You Lived Here, You’d Have Melted By Now (Cool Weird Awesome 41)

Today's the 50th anniversary of an overlooked but important visit to a fairly nasty place… the planet Venus.

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