Haters Used To Give Out “Vinegar Valentines” To Push People’s Buttons (Cool Weird Awesome 1187)

The whole idea of Valentine's Day is to show a little love, right? Not always. In the old days, some people sent out nasty-grams known as "vinegar valentines" to their least favorite people. 

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The Time Millions Of Legos Fell Into The Ocean And Washed Up On Beaches (Cool Weird Awesome 948)

Today in 1997, a container ship ran into a massive wave off the coast of Cornwall, in southwest England. Close to 4.8 million Legos went overboard, and ever since that day, they've been washing up on beaches all over.

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Olm Salamanders Are The Most Chill Creatures On Earth (Cool Weird Awesome 238)

For Valentine's Day, the story of the olm salamander, who will basically sit around and do nothing… unless it’s time for love.

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