12 05, 2023

Parrots Like To Do Video Calls WIth Other Parrots (Cool Weird Awesome 1008)

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This is one of the great technological and social breakthroughs of our time: scientists have figured out how parrots can do video calls with each other, and they love it!

24 05, 2022

New Zealand’s Parliament Has A “Biscuit Tin of Democracy” (Cool Weird Awesome 778)

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Today in 1854, the first sitting of the parliament of New Zealand. And there’s an interesting story about that lawmaking body that involves a very special biscuit tin.

11 06, 2021

The Race Up The World’s Longest Staircase (Cool Weird Awesome 555)

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The event has been cancelled for 2021, but this was supposed to be the time when some adventurous types headed to Switzerland to take part in a race like no other: a run up a world record staircase known as the Niesen Stairway Run. Plus: a lot of us have been doing video calls and meetings more than ever, but the technology isn't totally new. In fact, Sony made a video phone back in the late 1980s! 

17 03, 2021

People Will Buy “Ugly” Veggies – If Grocers Call Them Ugly (Cool Weird Awesome 498)

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Plus: if you're weary of remote meetings, a new web tool called Zoom Escaper may help you get a break.

6 05, 2020

When In Rome, Recycle Like The Ancient Romans Did (Cool Weird Awesome 292)

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The city of Pompeii was buried by Mount Vesuvius almost 2,000 years ago. And yet something there may sound very familiar to us today: the community had a pretty elaborate recycling system. Plus: why staff at the Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo are encouraging people to video chat with their eels.

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