Parrots Like To Do Video Calls WIth Other Parrots (Cool Weird Awesome 1008)

This is one of the great technological and social breakthroughs of our time: scientists have figured out how parrots can do video calls with each other, and they love it!

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New Zealand’s Parliament Has A “Biscuit Tin of Democracy” (Cool Weird Awesome 778)

Today in 1854, the first sitting of the parliament of New Zealand. And there’s an interesting story about that lawmaking body that involves a very special biscuit tin.

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The Race Up The World’s Longest Staircase (Cool Weird Awesome 555)

The event has been cancelled for 2021, but this was supposed to be the time when some adventurous types headed to Switzerland to take part in a race like no other: a run up a world record staircase known as the Niesen Stairway Run. Plus: a lot of us have been doing video calls and meetings more than ever, but the technology isn't totally new. In fact, Sony made a video phone back in the late 1980s! 

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People Will Buy “Ugly” Veggies – If Grocers Call Them Ugly (Cool Weird Awesome 498)

Plus: if you're weary of remote meetings, a new web tool called Zoom Escaper may help you get a break.

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When In Rome, Recycle Like The Ancient Romans Did (Cool Weird Awesome 292)

The city of Pompeii was buried by Mount Vesuvius almost 2,000 years ago. And yet something there may sound very familiar to us today: the community had a pretty elaborate recycling system.

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