When George S. Patton Bombed A Volcano (Cool Weird Awesome 1156)

Today in 1935, a military mission you sure don’t see every day: at the direction of then-Lieutenant Colonel George S. Patton, American planes carried out a series of bombing runs in Hawaii to stop a volcano.

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Medieval Monks Were Volcano Trackers Without Even Knowing It (Cool Weird Awesome 999)

In the 12th and 13th Centuries, monks were tracking the looks of the moon, including lunar eclipses. Modern-day researchers took another look to see if some of those eclipses were actually volcanic eruptions.

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Why Did The Moon Disappear 900 Years Ago? (Cool Weird Awesome 296)

The moon waxes and wanes in its phases month after month, and it always comes back. Except for that time in 1110, when records indicate that the moon vanished for months, or maybe even a year or longer. Scientists finally think they know what happened.

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