There’s A Basketball Court In The US Supreme Court Building (Cool Weird Awesome 940)

On this day in 1790 the US Supreme Court held its first session. Back then, the Court didn't have its own building, but now it does, and that building includes a basketball court.

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Ben’s Chili Bowl Was One Of Martin Luther King’s Regular Stops In DC (Cool Weird Awesome 928)

Dr. King gave his most famous speech in Washington D.C. When he was in the capital city and when he was hungry, he often stopped at a landmark restaurant known as Ben’s Chili Bowl. Here's some of its story. 

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Repainting The White House Takes 570 Gallons Of Paint (Cool Weird Awesome 878)

Today in 1800, President John Adams first moved into the president's house, which, despite rumors to the contrary, was always a White House. Here's how it gets repainted.

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The Lincoln Memorial Has A Basement (Cool Weird Awesome 715)

For Abraham Lincoln's birthday, we look at one of the most timeless memorials to the 16th president - or at least its undercroft, which has been out of public view for a long time.

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To Live At This Antarctic Base, You Have To Have Your Appendix Out (Cool Weird Awesome 705)

Villas Las Estrellas is a tiny community run by Chile on Antarctica's King George Island. And it's so remote that one of the rules is that everyone who lives or works there has to have their appendix out before they show up.

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Somebody Wanted To Put The Library Of Congress In The Capitol Dome (Cool Weird Awesome 575)

Washington DC is home to monuments, memorials and the largest library in the world. Here's some of the history of the Library of Congress. Plus: a real estate listing for waterfront land in Ontario had a price of $99,000, though with one big consideration.

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A Three Minute Audio Tour Of The U.S. Capitol (Cool Weird Awesome 454)

After yesterday's stunning, discouraging events at the U.S. Capitol, we decided to make today's show a chance to get to know our Capitol building a little better. Here's some of what we learned, though we could do a whole week's worth of shows about the Capitol and the people who have made it what it is.

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Jefferson Memorial

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man" - stirring words, but also easy to take out of context if a photographer decides to crop his photos for that ridiculous and nefarious purpose.

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