This Device Could Tell You When Your Voice Is Getting Tired (Cool Weird Awesome 958)

There's a team at Northwestern University that's ready to help the tired vocal cords of the world: a wearable device that can tell when a voice needs a break.

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We Could Soon Do Ultrasounds Through A Wearable Patch (Cool Weird Awesome 825)

Researchers at MIT have created a high-tech device that’s about one square inch in size and just a few millimeters thick, and can do ultrasounds for as long as 48 hours.

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The Smart Pacifier Is A High-Tech Wearable That Helps Keep Newborns Healthy (Cool Weird Awesome 783)

Washington State University has developed a high-tech wearable (I guess you call it a wearable?) to make it easier to take care of a very important test for some babies: a smart pacifier.

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Stretchable Batteries Could Make Wearable Tech More Wearable (Cool Weird Awesome 699)

A team at the University of British Columbia has come up with a way to make durable, stretchy and waterproof batteries that could be useful in wearable devices. Plus: three crew members on the International Space Station try out what they call orbital badminton.

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