14 02, 2022

The Highly Photographic Life Of Frederick Douglass (Cool Weird Awesome 716)

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Today is the assumed birth date in 1817 or 1818 of Frederick Douglass, who is known for his powerful writing and speeches, but was also probably the most photographed person of his time.

1 11, 2019

Abraham Lincoln, Wedding Planner (Cool Weird Awesome 162)

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Today in 1800 President John Adams moved into the White House, the first chief executive to live in what was then called the President’s Mansion. One of the house's most adorable stories - though possibly an apocryphal one - is the time in 1862 that Abraham Lincoln supposedly helped a couple elope. Plus: the New England WizardFest gets underway this weekend in Massachusetts. Mischief managed!

5 09, 2019

I’ll Take Alex Trebek Facts For $500, Alex (Cool Weird Awesome 121)

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It sure was nice to hear that Jeopardy host Alex Trebek is not only doing well following his cancer treatment, he’s already back at work on a new season of the show! Each day's filming requires hundreds of clues, multiple suit changes and lots of ways to respond to contestants' responses.

21 06, 2019

The Fastest Lawn Mower In The World, And How We Got To It (Cool Weird Awesome 67)

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Earlier this month a prototype mower in Germany set a new world record by going from zero to 100 miles an hour in 6.29 seconds… while still cutting grass! Not bad for an invention that's not even 200 years old.

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