If This TV Show Hadn’t Been Canceled, We Might Not Have Had The Original Versions of “Star Trek” and TV’s “Batman” (Cool Weird Awesome 1210)

Today in 1931, the birthday of William Shatner, Captain Kirk from the original “Star Trek” series. Of course, if a different show he was supposed to star in had gone ahead, Shatner might not have ended up as Captain Kirk.

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Incubus, The Esperanto-Language Movie Starring William Shatner (Cool Weird Awesome 642)

Today in 1966, the official release of "Incubus," the only Esperanto-language movie starring a pre-Star Trek William Shatner. The movie had such bad fortune some people actually thought it was cursed. Plus: a guy buys an airplane, and though he's never flown before, he taxis it down the runway, takes off and has to figure out how to land. 

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25 Days of Holiday Songs: “Jingle Bells” by William Shatner (featuring Henry Rollins)

I have something to share with you this December. Don't hate me.

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