Not Even An Alien Attack Or Zombie Apocalypse Could Keep The US From Protecting Its Founding Documents (Cool Weird Awesome 1040)

Today we celebrate our Independence Day! And on this show, we look at the efforts to protect the Declaration of Independence and our other founding documents even in the face of an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse (or a less exciting but more realistic emergency).

In This Minnesota Town, It’s Always Halloween (Cool Weird Awesome 159)

There's still time to get ready for Halloween in most places, but in Anoka, Minnesota, it’s kind of always Halloween. The community north of the Twin Cities bills itself as the Halloween Capital of the World. Plus: Pennsylvania invites you on a Halloween-themed trip it calls the Trail of the Living Dead.

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“Well, Richard Nixon, from up the road a ways, welcome to the big city.”

"The Walking Dead" is about dead people, and yet all the actors are alive? That's totally unfair.

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