In case you hadn’t heard this news, we’re about to go through a big move around these parts. (Probably not as big a move as the Gumby bandit, though.) started up in 2002. It was originally intended as a group project, though it quickly wound up as home for my stuff. That said, I’ve had a bunch of other projects that have been great but never fit the LI portfolio, so to speak – and over time, I’ve come to realize that I have too many projects under too many differently-named umbrellas.

Too many communities around those projects that are artificially separated because of my own insistence that some of my projects belong on a site and other projects belong on a different site. What it boils down to is that I’ve been trying to build a community around a site run by a person instead of just being the person. “Brady Carlson is the brand,” a relative of mine remarked, and he’s right – the LI brand has become a middleman.

Well, in true TV infomercial fashion I’m going to eliminate the middleman and pass the savings onto you. is going to wrap up as a separate entity at the end of 2012, cause ten years is pretty flipping great, and starting in 2013 all of my projects – LI and otherwise – will be featured on a new site, All of the past LivingIndefinitely content will move to that site, and all the ongoing stuff – including Two Word Wednesday and the like – will carry on there too.

For those (three) of you who try to follow what I do, I expect that this move will make for one really cool and busy site, instead of like twelve that are updated irregularly and hard to track down. That said, I’m gonna hang onto the domain for the foreseeable future. It’ll point to the new site, but it’ll still work.

The transfer process is already underway and it’s requiring a good deal of reposting, unfortunately, so there won’t be any new content on any of my sites this month. So enjoy all the back content – there’s ten years of it, after all – and we’ll start anew in January.

Finally, a big thank you to each of you who has stopped by the site since 2002. Hope you enjoy the new site until 2022, at which point websites will become obsolete because the internet will become sentient. And evil.

Something to look forward to, I guess!
– Brady