What should I do if it lasts more than four hours?

– Andrew in Seattle

Easy one, You should have a pizza. Or better yet, sing about how much you want pizza. Like these folks are doing:

If I’m reading the metadata on the video correctly, this is a breakout session from the 2007 Mindfulness Through Wanting Pizza seminar in Big Sur (they’re going to be big players at the next round of TED talks, or at least at the box lunch station just outside the next round of TED talks). Are they concerned about it lasting longer than four hours? No, because that isn’t about wanting pizza. Two hours? Four hours? Time is irrelevant. There is no time. There is mushrooms and pepperoni.

The answer here does change a bit if you’re a pizza yourself. If that’s the case, and it lasts for more than four hours, don’t start chanting. Instead, team up with an order of crazy fries, some special dipping sauce and a 44 ounce fountain drink, and hope the customer has a coupon. The bigger the savings, the better your chances of avoiding permanent damage.