Obi-Wan Kenobi is smooth.

Finding this uproarious tale on The Smoking Gun was the will of the Force.

A California man who legally changed his name to “Obiwan Kenobi” was released from jail yesterday after spending five days in custody following his arrest on a hit-and-run count.

Kenobi, 37, has been charged with leaving the scene of a five-car accident last month in Roseville. According to cops, Kenobi’s reckless driving triggered the chain-reaction collision.

Please no “now this is podracing!” jokes at this time.

Formerly known as Benjamin Cale Feit, Kenobi changed his name in 1999 in response to a radio stunt tied to the release of “Stars Wars: Episode I.” A California station offered $1000 to the first listener to legally change their name to that of the fictional Jedi master.

While one never likes to see these incidents play out, one does hope that, upon being asked for name and address during booking, Mr. Kenobi told the police “you don’t need to see my identification.”